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Help for struggling young adults, young men and young women, is more plentiful than ever before.  Specialized therapeutic help for troubled young adults is more available today than it has been. However, the issues plaging young people today are far greater, and the consequences more severe. 

Fortunately, At The Crossroads is one of the best programs available for troubled young men and women.  At The Crossroads is designed to meet the needs of strugging young adults who are suffering under emotional and psychiatric problems. Call today and get the help you look for (866-439-0354).help for struggling young adults

Approximately 5 million young adults, ages 18-28, have a serious mental health condition (depression, anxiety, substance abuse and drug addiction). For too many struggling young people the transition from adolescence to adulthood is extremely difficult.

While their peers may be celebrating independence and vocational / academic success, many troubled young men and women are struggling to manuever and navigate the adult world.  All too often young people are in a funk, disappointed, and totally unmotivated.

Young people with conditions such as ADD, attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, depression, conduct disorders, substance abuse, and drug addiction are at greater risk for dropping out of society (college, jobs, friendships, family, etc).

According to the National Center on Youth Transition in Behavioral Health, young men and women with mental health challenges and substance abuse issues have more difficulty finding work or keeping jobs than those with physical disabilities.

Across all disability groups, young adults with therapeutic needs have the worst long-term prognosis than any other group.  if you compare all groups with levels/rates of employment, incarceration, and post-secondary education, you'll find that struggling young adults do not fare well.


At The Crossroads Transitional Living Program - Therapeutic Intervention Programs

At The Crossroads is a comprehensive therapeutic intervention program for struggling young adults with psychological and emotional / behavioral difficulties. At The Crossroads is a peer supported community-based treatment program designed to provide young adults with social, emotional, and psychological support. 

The goal of At The Crossroads is to help struggling young adults, both men and women, to manage their emotional and behavioral issues; helping them to reach their highest personal potential, live independently, and to overcome any emotional or behavioral issues they have created by the poor past choices.  Programs.

To achieve this goal, At The Crossroads provides each of our students with individualized treatment and educational / vocational and treatment plans. We provide: therapy (individual and group counseling), substance abuse and addictions treatment, academic and vocational support, all through a proven residential program that works.  The outcome: strong, responsible, and independent young people who are ready to take on the vigors of adulthood.

“Starting out in the program I had few responsibilities, but as I got a job and worked harder, I started paying my own bills. It became really gratifying to know I could budget my money, work hard at a job, and accomplish the things I have.” -Miles (Former Student).

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