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Group Counseling for Young AdultsAt The Crossroads is a therapeutic transitional living program that offers group counseling for young adults. We provide intensive and comprehensive treatment by offering those who are struggling with an assortment of issues, a new beginning. The therapeutic focus, education, home environment, and recreational services at ATC are designed to help young adults have successful experiences through accomplishments. We are dedicated beyond belief to providing the best opportunity for rehabilitation and self-reliance. Please call At The Crossroads at 866-439-0354 to speak to our professional Admissions Director.

Counseling may be helpful to establish balance and relieve symptoms like, overcome challenges, engage in and maintain relationships, and work towards building a healthy mind and optimal development. Group counseling can be a powerful intervention for young adults, as many of them feel isolated and alone, as if everyone else, has it together, except for them. Group counseling can help students to see that they are not alone, less isolated and more supported as they struggle with life issues. It can function as a sounding board for which to receive helpful information, develop tools for communication with friends and family members and improve social skills.

Group Counseling Provides a Safe Setting for Young Adults

Providing a safe and confidential setting for young adults to develop self-awareness and to work through a range of issues, this type of therapy is works well with a group of peers. With the help of peers, students have the opportunity to explore relationship issues, self-esteem, work and school, family, sexual identity, social anxiety, anger and depression. Because of the success of group counseling, many transitional living programs integrate this form of therapy into their program design.

Many young adults find success through transitional living programs by learning about what contributes to their reasons for failure to launch. Parents, If you have reached the point of considering a program that is designed to help turn troubled young adults around, call At The Crossroads at 866-439-0354. You can find the right option for your adult child by consulting with our professional Admissions Counselor.

“Starting out in the program I had few responsibilities, but as I got a job and worked harder, I started paying my own bills. It became really gratifying to know I could budget my money, work hard at a job, and accomplish the things I have.” -Miles (Former Student).

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