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Colleges and Universities for Troubled Young Adults | Rebuilding After College Failure

Colleges and universities can provide the experience to help struggling and troubled young adults rebuild a promising future (rebuilding after college failure).  A good educational experience, through colleges or universities, not only help to rebuild the hope and destiny of a struggling troubled adult, both men and women, but it also could be the foundation to their "new hope" for life.

What's more is that academic and educational success can also be the reason why troubled adults stay on a pathway toward sustained growth and improvement.  An education, in-and-of-itself, can be the catalyst that turns a life around.  At The Crossroads integrates life coaching and student support services for each of our students in order to enhance their transition back to college. ATC students, while enrolled with us, are able to pursue a college degree by simultaneously enrolling in Dixie State College, Southern Utah University, Utah State University, or Phoenix University.

At The Crossroads specializes in providing transitional therapeutic services for troubled young adults with learning, emotional, and behavioral challenges. The staff at ARC possess the proven ability to lead troubled young adults into an effective independent living situation that includes an university or college experience. Our model is based on the premise that people learn basic life skills through positive interaction with the world around them. And, one of the most critical areas that a young person needs to conquer is the "college experience".

Providing Educational Support Services through Life Coaching

ATC provides the academic encouragement through life coaching, tutoring, and study skills development.  The results are remarkable.  We see our students use academic success as a launching pad toward effective independent living.

Through our life coaching support, ATC students experience academic success, which propels them into success in many related areas of their lives. Each ATC student's program is highly individualized and our approach is designed on the individual needs and goals of each student. Our coaching program is focused on gaining valuable life skills that lead them toward independence, as well as solidifying the student's overall plan for success.

We recognize the value of the college experience for all students. In addition to college coaching, students work individually with a personal educator-mentor on a weekly basis to ensure academic progress and a positive learning experience. Additionally, students are assigned support staff based on their individualized goals and action plan.


Local Colleges and Universities

College Boarding SchoolDixie State College of Utah Solid academic reputation with over 8,000 students. Associates and bachelor's degrees. Highly ranked nursing, dental hygiene programs. Nationally ranked athletic programs. Dixie offers training, support and testing for students seeking a G.E.D.


College Boarding SchoolSouthern Utah University - The Princeton Review has named Southern Utah University as one of the “Best in the West” universities to choose for one’s higher education.



Sober CollegeUtah State University - St. George Extension - USU has an education center located in 
Utah State University - St. George Extension - USU has an education center located in St. George offering a variety of university level courses.


“Starting out in the program I had few responsibilities, but as I got a job and worked harder, I started paying my own bills. It became really gratifying to know I could budget my money, work hard at a job, and accomplish the things I have.” -Miles (Former Student).

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