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Troubled Young Adults | Help with Anger & Aggression

At The Crossroads presents an outstanding program for the therapeutic intervention and treatment of debilitating anger (aggression) related to troubled young adults.  Call us for immediate help in overcoming dibilitating anger and aggression.  Call 866-439-0354.

Anger and aggression in the life of a troubled young adult, both men and women, is a secondary, but destructive element of a deeper root issue. Sometimes, the problems regarding "anger and aggression" is so big that therapeutic treatment is the only answer.

The issue of "anger" effects all people, not just young adults.  However, most destructive out-of-control aggressive anger is an element of emotional immaturity and lack of emotional intelligence.  Unfortunately, there are way to many awesome young adults who have thrown their future to the wind due to outbursts of uncontrollable anger.

The good news is that most of the time the issues regarding explosive destructive anger and aggression can be overcome.

At The Crossroads is extremely effective in the treatment of young adults as they overcome anger. How young adults deal with disappointment, frustration, and personal setbacks will directly determine their "success" as young adults.

How young men and young women maneuver, transition, and deal with stress and disappoint will have everything to do with their ability to living independently.  Life is a series of disappointments, setbacks, and most people deal with frustration on a daily basis.  How we perceive and handle stress and disappointment has everything to do with our emotional intelligence and maturity.


Two Essential Elements of Anger and Aggression

Angry emotional are normal aspects of life.  Everyone gets angry, and most people experience aggression.  Unfortunately. Angry outbursts may do more harm than any other emotion.

There are two essential issues regarding angry outbursts.  One, how de we prevent ourselves from becoming angry (out-of-control)? Second, how do we deal with angry people, and how do we protect ourselves from angry people and their aggression toward us?

The negative effects of angry outbursts are frightening and obviously stressful. Anger, when out-of-control, can destroy us, stifle our lives, and destroy our potential.  

Angry outbursts in young adults, when out-of-control, goes far past normal "frustration" or "stress".  Out of control angry outbursts are related to substance absue and emotional immaturity.  The outcome is violence, crime, spouse and child abuse, divorce, stormy relationships, poor working conditions, poor physical health (headaches, hypertension, GI disturbances, heart attacks), emotional disorders, and so on.

Out of control anger that turns into harmful aggressiveness  in response to overwhelming frustration or perceived injury, and is connected with the feeling of being "out of control". The question is, "are we already out-of-control", and are we just a time bomb waiting to lite our fuse?

When anger gets out-of-control and becomes harmful its usually because we don't like what has happened, and we feel as though we are not in control.  Betrayal, persecution, disappointment, perceived injustice and unfairness are all rolled into one big angry mess.


Seeking revenge is an act of "out-of-control" anger

Anger is a normal emotional; anger is a physiological and cognitive response to a situation or perceived situation. In some instances, angry emotions are beneficial and effective. Anger can motivate us to take proper action to correct a situation. Aggression is an action, and as an action of out-of-control anger, aggression could be devastating.  For example, aggression in anger could take the form of a verbal or physical assault.  

Verbal assaults that can't be taken back can cause disastrous results; verbal insults, physical threats, ugly sarcasm, or a physical attack can cause far more damage than the original injustice or reason for the anger.
Anger and aggression can come about by the uncontrolled entertainment of revengeful thoughts; fantasies in which we humiliate or brutally assault our perceived or real enemies? Harboring such thoughts can trigger unintentional outbursts of anger.  This is the part that highlights the emotional immaturity or lack of emotional intelligence.

Anger can be the result of hurt pride, unreasonable expectations, or the repeated harboring of resentment that turns into bitterness. We can easily justify the use anger when we blame others for our own shortcomings.  

We can justify oppressing others in order to boost feelings of inadequacy.  We can easily justify hurting other's feelings by harboring angry thoughts. Situations that frustrates us, especially when we think someone else is to blame for our loss, can become a self-righteous justification for anger and aggression.

We know when we are very mad, but anger and aggression come in many forms, some quite subtle. The question is… are you an angry person and is anger and aggression detrimental to your life?  Are you unable to control your anger, and are aggressive acts hurting your life?


Direct Signs of Out-of-Control Anger & Agression

    1.    Anger: physical and verbal outrage, meanness, temper tantrums.
    2.    Aggression: overly critical, fault finding, name-calling, accusations
    3.    Hurtful: malicious gossip, stealing, trouble-making.
    4.    Rebellious: anti-social behavior, open defiance, refusal to talk.

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“Starting out in the program I had few responsibilities, but as I got a job and worked harder, I started paying my own bills. It became really gratifying to know I could budget my money, work hard at a job, and accomplish the things I have.” -Miles (Former Student).

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