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Sober Living Homes for Troubled Young Adults

Sober living homes are incredibly valuable in assisting struggling young adults achieve long-term recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. They are a safe, secure, and professionally staffed environment for long term recovery. Typically, the residents of these programs come directly from an inpatient treatment and rehabilitation situation, while others come directly from a wilderness therapy program or residential treatment center.

Troubled Young Adults Often Require Sober Living Homes

At The Crossroads is founded on the belief that a safe and secure environment is needed for any growth to take place. We have created well designed and affordable residential programs (one for men and a separate one for women), located in beautiful Southern Utah. At, our facility, education is a key component, where students are provided with appropriate opportunities for overall success. We provide a safe drug and alcohol free living environment for young adults wanting to live a sober lifestyle based on twelve step programs. For young alcoholics or drug abusers who have run out of options, our facility offers a last hope, and we are passionate about providing the perfect opportunity for complete rehabilitation.

At The Crossroads presents the most comprehensive sober living homes available in the US. If you are looking for a professional-assisted therapeutic opportunity that include support for sobriety, life coaching, therapy, independent life skills training, academic and vocational guidance, please call 866-439-0354 and speak with our Admissions Counselor.

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"Starting out in the program I had few responsibilities, but as I got a job and worked harder, I started paying my own bills. It became really gratifying to know I could budget my money, work hard at a job, and accomplish the things I have." -Miles (Former Student).

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